All the information you need to know about settlements on Korapay.

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Things to cover:

  • Settlement destination

  • How to view my settlement on Korapay

The Settlement section of the Dashboard provides information about payments made into wallet or the settlement account linked to your business account.

Settlement summary page:

Details on settlement status:

Pending Settlement: This means the transaction has not been fully processed, there are 2 stages to this:

  • Waiting to be Settled: This means the payment has been made by your customer the previous day but will be settled on the next business day. However, you will see the total amount expected in your account on the day of the initial transaction.

  • Unbatched Transaction: These are current transactions made by customers, the figures change as transactions increase.

Settled: This means the transactions have been successfully processed and settled into your account.

Settlement Timeline:

Settlement timing is based on payment channel.

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