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A chargeback (or dispute) occurs when a customer contacts their bank to have their money returned for a transaction. Amongst other reasons, customers may dispute a transaction for suspected fraud, unrecognized transaction, overcharge, or when they do not receive the product or service for which they paid.

When a payment is reversed as a result of a chargeback, the amount along with any fee incurred on the chargeback is deducted from the merchant's Kora balance.

Handling Chargebacks

- Once we are notified by a customer's bank for a chargeback request, we contact our merchants via the Kora dashboard to request for evidence (supporting documents) showing that the customer either received value or not. We require our merchants to respond within 24 hours of our request.

- To view the disputed transaction(s), log into your Kora dashboard and navigate to the Disputes page.

- On the Chargebacks tab, a list of chargebacks are displayed. Click on each transaction to be addressed:

i. To accept a chargeback, click Accept Chargeback. This means you have agreed to the customer’s claim.

ii. To decline a chargeback, click Decline. After which you will be asked to indicate if it’s a partial or full decline, your reason for declining and to upload supporting documents that validate your claim.

- Submit your evidence by clicking Proceed.

Please watch this short video on handling chargebacks:

**Note that if a merchant fails to submit supporting evidence to legitimize the disputed payment within 24 hours, they automatically lose the chargeback.**

If you need more clarification on Chargebacks, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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