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Payouts via Payouts API
Payouts via Payouts API

All you need to know about sending payments to your customers using Korapay's API

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The API enables you to send payments to your customers via a simple, secure process that requires only the bank information of the recipient. All you would need to do to get started is to integrate with our Payouts API and provide the following details when requesting a payout:

  1. Amount

  2. Currency

  3. Recipient account number

  4. Recipient bank

  5. Recipient bank code

  6. Customer email

More information on how to make transfers (and what is required) using the Payout APIs can be found in our API Documentation.

Payout limits

There are minimum and maximum limits set on each payout:

Minimum Amount

Maximum Amount

N 100.00


Supported Currencies and Banks

Currently, we support only Naira transfers to any Nigerian Bank account. That is, merchants can only payout their customers in Naira to any Nigerian Bank account of their choice. A list of all the banks we currently support can be found here.

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