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Everything you need to know about collecting payments via debit/credit cards

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Kora enables you to receive payments from your customer’s debit/credit cards. You can get started with Kora Checkout which is a secure and simple way to receive card payments from your customer’s debit card.

Accepting card payments with Kora Checkout

Simply integrate Kora Checkout on your platform, then your customers would be able to choose the card payment option, enter their card details and complete the required authentication which could be either OTP or 3DS Authorization to authorize the payment.

Here's a short clip of making a card payment from a customer's perspective

Cards and Currencies we support

Kora currently accepts payments in Naira from debit or credit cards issued by a Nigerian bank. We support Mastercard, Visa, or Verve cards.

What is the limit for card transactions?
The minimum amount for card transactions is N100 while the maximum amount is N1,000,000.

Fees we charge for Card payments

We charge a fixed fee of 1.5% capped at NGN 2,000 for local card transactions.

Finding Card payments on your dashboard

All payments made to you from your customers with their debit or credit cards can be found on the pay-ins page of your Kora Dashboard.

To view the record of these payments:

  • Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the Pay-ins page

  • Click on the Show Filter button

  • In the Filter section, you'll find the Payment method option, select Card payments in the dropdown. Click on the Apply Filter button.

  • All card payment transactions will be shown.

Settlement of Card payments

Settlement for card payments is T+1

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